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Prof. Elliot Berry

Braun School of Public Health, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Prof. Gabriel Izbicki

Head of the Pulmonary Department, Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Jerusalem

Prof. Eyal Zimlichman

Chief Transformation Officer and Chief Innovation Officer at Sheba Medical Center

Prof. Cyrille Cohen

Head of the lmmunotherapy and Immunology Dept, Vice-Dean, Bar Ilan University

Prof. Gideon Koren

Motherisk Israel, Maccabi-Kahn Institute of Research and Innovation, Ariel University

Dr. Max Herzberg

Biotech Development Consultant Partners

Prof. Ilan Matok

Head of Clinical Pharmacology, School of Pharmacy, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Dr. Ariel Israel

Director of Leumit Research Institute

Dr Gidi Stein

CEO MedAware


Ancre 1

Dr Nawal AL Kaabi, MD

SEHA infection Control Committee - Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, Hayat Biotech, UAE

Dr Muriel Haïm, PhD, MD

France Israël Foundation, ZS, Genetika+, NEOVACS SA, FR

Dr Omar Najim, MSc, MBChB, MRCS

Abu Dhabi Department of Health & Public Health Center, UAE

Dr Michael R. Cohen, RPh, MS, ScD (hon), DPS (hon)

Institute for Safe Medication Practices, US

Dr Chinmaya Mahapatra, PhD

Global Pharmacovigilance Society, PVigilant Health, Journal of Pharmacovigilance and Drug Research, IntuVigilance Limited, The Neotia University, India

Dr Maya Sharma, MD

NovoNordisk, Global PVS, JPADR Journal, India

Dr Muriel Dahan, Pharm. D., DIU-PEP

Unicancer, French Academy of Pharmacy, FR

Prof. Gabriel Malka

Institute of Biological and Paramedical Sciences, Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique de Benguérir, Morroco

Limor BH Epstein, PhD, MSc, BSc

Data2Life, Crowd Mind HEALTH, ZeusCare, SHE-RAM Technologies, Stealth Startup, Democratech Israel, NL

Dr Monelle Muntlak, MD, Pharm. D.

Blanc Vif, FR

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