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Yehudit Wexler, MSc


Yehudith Wexler, Co-founder and CEO of Bioforum Group: Bioforum Applied Knowledge Center, Data Focused CRO and IMP Clinical Supply services (JV with Teva Pharmaceuticals), celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Situated in the heart of the Israeli biotech community, Bioforum aims to improve and enhance the production, safety, quality and efficacy of the biotech industries. For two decades, Bioforum educates the biotech industry's  professionals and trains the next generation of the clinical trials ecosystem.

Prior to Bioforum Yehudith played a leading role in the establishment of the Medical Devices Unit in the Ministry of Health and worked in major Israeli and international companies.

Yehudith is an avid advocate for the improvement of the clinical trials ecosystem.


Throughout her career she has established several professional networks in the clinical trials space and dedicates of her time to promote their interdisciplinary agendas.

She holds a  MSc from the Weizmann Institute of Science and a Diploma of Information Systems Analyst from the Technion.

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