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Oriane Bismuth, EMPH, MS, Engr.

Public Health

Oriane Bismuth, a dedicated professional in the health sector, began her journey as a Product Manager in 2011, later becoming Responsible for digital development and change management in the pharmaceutical industry.

With an engineering degree in biosciences, she honed her expertise through training in marketing and management at ESSEC, public health at SciencesPo, and health democracy at the Sorbonne.

Since 2017, Oriane teaches Design Thinking, Business For Good, and Patient Centricity at ESSEC.

Passionate about societal innovation and patient welfare, she founded Lucky Link ( in 2019. It's a global public health consulting company driven by ethics and altruism, valuing partnerships with patient associations to recognize their experiential expertise. Recently, Oriane participated in facilitating a healthcare innovation laboratory with French health insurance and the Ministry of Health. They advised the agricultural health insurance (MSA) on projects related to caregivers, mental health, and vulnerable populations.

In 2022, she co-founded Billiejanne (, a place of exploration in healthcare with three pillars - inspiration, action, and expertise in public health. They worked on topics related to mental health, fall prevention, and senior and retiree health. Parallel to her professional endeavors, Oriane has always been involved in volunteer work for associations and NGOs. In France, she contributed to the efforts of the NGO ONE, and in India, she dedicated her time to the Hyderabad Hospital.

Originally from France, Oriane broadened her horizons, settling in Israel, where she found a vibrant community of experts in healthcare.

She firmly believes in international collaboration to tackle global health challenges. Currently, Oriane passionately works on the project, aiming to expand Billiejanne's international presence.

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