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ERANIM, Israel Society for Medication and Vaccine Safety

ERANIM, Israel Society for Medication and Vaccine Safety, was created on 2021, and is the continuation of ISOP ISRAEL, Israel Chapter of the International Society of Pharmacovigilance, created in 2013. The website belongs to the non profit organization, the  association ERANIM  Israel.

Our mission:

  •  to be a supporting stakeholder during a health crisis,

  • to participate to the future of health in gathering experts insights

  • to promote safe medication practices,

  • to  provide science-based information on vaccines

  • to strengthen collaboration between Israel and the international health community  

Since 2020, we have launched an Information Campaign on COVID-19 and COVID Vaccines:

  • to provide honest and scientific information, based on proven scientific references.

  • to fight back against Infodemic and fake news.

ERANIM Israel is a member of the WHO-led entity Vaccine Safety Net (VSN).

ERANIM ISRAEL, who are we ?


  • To Promote Safe Medication Practices

  • To Enhance awareness and  provide science-based information on Vaccines

  • Through Education, Communication, and Research

  • To healthcare professionals and the general public

  • To be an actor in times of Public Health crisis and pandemic


  • To be an  Innovative and  Multidisciplinary Platform

  • To Share Experience, Expertise, and Knowledge

  • For All Stakeholders, Healthcare Professionals and the general public  

  • To strengthen the collaboration between Israel and the international community  


For ERANIM ISRAEL, hosting a scientific conference under the Abraham Accords umbrella has the potential to bring together experts from different fields and backgrounds to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and collaborate on solutions to some of the most pressing public health challenges with the objective to fostering a regional cooperation to design the healthcare systems of the future.

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