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Jonathan Giron

Innovation in Health

Dr. Giron Received his B.A. in Psychology Cum Lauda at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya. Following this, he pursued his studies toward an M.A. in Psychological biology that focused on brain-computer interfaces and virtual reality at Tel Aviv University and a Ph.D. In Life Sciences from Bar-Ilan University focusing on DNA nanotechnology and nerve regeneration. Between 2015-2019 Dr. Giron was the Manager and Research Associate at the RUNI ARL (Advanced Reality Lab), leading the developmental and research aspect of all psychophysiology projects, including virtual environment interaction, design, and creation.

In 2019 Dr. Giron co-founded and took the position of chief operating officer of the RUNI innovation center and co-founded the Israeli synthetic biology institute. In 2021 he played an instrumental role in the writing of the Synthetic biology 40 Mil NIS Grant to the IIA together in the name of RUNI with Hylabs. The submission resulted in a win and the foundation of Alagene, the first Israeli bio foundry founded and held by Reichman university, a group of investors led by Michael Eisenberg and Hylabs. Currently, Dr. Giron sits on the board of Alagene as Reichman's university seat.

On October 2022 Dr. Giron joined the faculty of the Sammy Ofer School of Communication at Reichman University currently serves as co director of the Advanced Reality Lab.

Dr. Giron conducts research in his fields of expertise, Psychophysiology , Virtual Reality, Human Computer Interaction and Neuroscience, incorporating students from the school of communications (B.A and M.A) and psychology (B.A) in RUNI.

In 2022 Dr. Giron won a magnet grant (1.2 Mil NIS for three years) sponsored by the IIA to develop a dedicated bioreactor for culture meat products.

Dr. Giron regularly advises neuroscience and virtual reality startups and was the co-founder of 2 virtual reality companies.

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