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General Information

The Symposium Site and Venue

The event will take place at the Sourasky (Ichilov) Medical Centre, Sammy Ofer building, at Weizmann street 6, in Tel Aviv, Israel.

For all details about how to get there, click here.



The Sourasky hospital campus is only a 35-minute drive from Ben Gurion International Airport, in the centre of Tel Aviv, an hour from Jerusalem and within easy reach of the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea.

Tel Aviv is an exciting and cosmopolitan mix of leisure activities, offers something for everyone; to be fully enjoyed in its ideal Mediterranean climate: outdoor cafes, ethnic restaurants, open oriental markets and of course, the Mediterranean coast and its golden beaches



From the HaHagana train station in Tel Aviv: 
Dan bus  line 89. Further details here.

From the HaShalom train station in Tel Aviv:
Dan bus line 7 or 59. Further details here.



Weizmann Center: a shopping centre at Weizmann street 14, adjacent to the medical centre, operates a large underground parking lot serving the general public. See map.

Golda Parking Lot: Ahuzot Hoff parking lot is located beneath the Cameri Theatre. Enter the parking lot at Leonardo Da Vinci street 30, corner of Berkovich street 6. The parking is just 8-minute walking distance from Souraski-Ichilov medical centre.



A relevant, professional exhibition will accompany the Conference. Companies, agencies, manufacturers and publishers who are interested are invited to contact the Conference Secretariat for further information.


The official language of the Conference is English.


Ben Gurion International Airport, located just off the road linking Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, is one of the busiest airports in the Middle East. Many major international airlines arrive at and depart from Ben Gurion with increasing frequency.

Climate and Clothing

June is spring in Israel. Temperatures in Tel Aviv range between 20-25°C (60-75°F). Dress will be informal throughout the Conference. In addition, modest dress appropriate for visits to religious sites is recommended.

Pre and Post-Conference Tours


Pre and Post-Conference tours in Israel will be arranged for interested participants. Further details will be published under Tourist Information.



The unit of currency in Israel is the New Israeli Shekel (NIS) commonly known as the Shekel. Approximate currency rates as follows:


1 USD = 3.6 ILS, 1 EUR = 4.1 ILS


There are no restrictions on transfer and use of foreign currencies in Israel. Most international credit cards are accepted.


Electricity in Israel is supplied at 220V, 50Hz and has a three-pin connecting plug.

Value Added Tax Reimbursement

According to the Value Added Tax (VAT) Law, a foreign tourist is able to benefit from a zero rate of VAT on a vast array of services obtained during a stay in Israel. In addition, a special arrangement exists whereby a tourist may also request a VAT refund on purchases made during a stay.

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