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Prof. Elliot Berry

Prof. Elliot Berry

Braun School of Public Health, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

'+972 52 33 22 775

Professor Elliot Berry graduated with distinction in medicine from the University of Cambridge. His principal interests are food security, weight regulation from obesity to anorexia nervosa, nutrition and cognitive function, and the Mediterranean diet. He evolved the concept of the <Sociotype> to promote coping with chronic diseases and food insecurity.

Dr Berry has published over 270 articles, and was co-Editor of the Encyclopaedia on Food Security and Sustainability (Elsevier). He has been a visiting scientist at MIT, a distinguished scholar at Christ’s College, Cambridge and a visiting Professor at Yale, La Sapienza and Milan Universities. He was a consultant for the WHO, the World Bank and the Serbian Government in Public Health Nutrition. He was the Director of the Braun School of Public Health, Hebrew University, and Head of the WHO Collaborating Center in Capacity Building in Public Health.

Berry was a consultant on food security at FAO, following his publication of the Global Nutrition Index, and a member of the UN Multi-stakeholder committee on Sustainable Food Systems. He is currently Specialty Chief Editor for Frontiers Nutrition and Sustainable Diets and a member of the IUNS resident’s Task Force dealing with private sector sponsorship.


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