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About Herzliya


Herzliya consists of two parts which are separated by the main roads and rail line that cut through it.

To the East of the highways is Herzliya, the city itself, often referred to by locals as "the city". This is mostly a residential area that doesn't usually get many tourists, although travelers wanting to stir away from the beaten path and see authentic urban life in Israel could find it very interesting.

To the West of the highways, right on the coastline, lies an upscale suburb called Herzliya Pituakh, home to many beachfront hotels and expensive residences. This is a big industrial and commercial center, home to many high-tech companies, nice beaches, good restaurants and lively night clubs, and most tourists to the city find themselves in this area.

In Herzeliya, the city centre is filled with falafel stores, banks, coffee shops and other stores ranging from Korean objets d'art to grills and guitars. Sokolov, the main street in Herzliya, is known as being clean, colorful and filled with lights. It's a great place to go if you want to have something good to eat while enjoying a calm environment.

In Herzliya Pituakh, the beach is the perfect place to sunbathe, play matkot (Israeli paddle ball) and engage in watersports. The water is fine and the food prices are reasonable.

Herzliya Pituakh is also home to more than a 100 different restaurants, bars and nightclubs operating 7 days a week. Many of the restaurants serve mainly the local hi-tech industry employees during day time and random visitors at night, these restaurants are mostly located within the office district while others operate along the beaches and in the adjacent marina.

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